Professional Photography by Veronica Lounge: Fashion&Lifestyle, Editorial, Ad, Products/Still-Life, Portraits +Private Commissions.

..Our photographic journey started back in late 2008, when Veronica Lounge traveled to Finland and almost immediately started to study Professional Photography there at VVI Oy - a local Institute of Visual Communication and finished her 3 long-term professional photography courses in October, 2015 after almost 7 years of investing all of her time and resources into this new profession. From the very first shooting attempts Veronica realized, that she has a certain style to go and continue with, which brought her an idea where to bring her photography - and she chose Fashion. Later on, the more her skills developed, she focused on Product photography as well and in her captures these Still-Life images were mostly unretouched. What separates her from the most and other international photographers, is her unique shooting style and vision combined with a strong dedication to her work and constant progression within her work-flow, which is full of ideas and aims to express herself, while adding a personal touch into every single capture she creates. In November 2015 Veronica published her very first book called 'V E R O N I C A' - Photographs by Veronica Lounge, where she collected her Self-Portrait images from the past 5 years. In late 2016 she started a Magazine called Lounge & Lifestyle, where she continues to work as a Photographer, but her tasks also include writing articles & interviews about her subjects and curating the content about Arts and creative industry. Veronica's work has seen recognition worldwide in photographic Exhibitions, and her photos received many Photoawards. She successfully managed to compete with other Professionals from around the world and overcome many of them in contests like IPA, International Photography Awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris etc. and was chosen/selected already 3 times as one of the "200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide" by Luerzer's Archive in 2016/2017, 2014/2015 and 2012/2013. Veronica Lounge (VERONICA LOUNGE STUDIO) shoots: Fashion & Lifestyle, Editorial, Advertising, Products and (un-retouched) Still-Life as well as Portraits and takes Private Commissions. For her magazine project she also studied more of Editorial and Street Photography. Her goal is to make her photographic voice being heard and also to add more colour and beauty to the world and inspire others and make them feel good about themselves. Main reason why she started her magazine project is her strong and genuine willing to tell the world about great people and artists, who are worth being noticed as well. You will find more information about Veronica and her work on our main website: Thank you for visiting! Love, Veronica Lounge.

In late 2016 we decided to open our online shop with our products and our photos on them. Here you will find everything from books and magazines to postcards and gifts:) We will be updating our shop little by little and adding new items, so, please, stop by +know, that your purchases are supporting our work! Every product - each book and each card we sell helps us to continue our journey of capturing beautiful things and therefore we are very grateful!

Since we mostly offer our photo-shoots and other services to the high-end clients ..and even our private commissions will always carry our photographic style, our focus is on Professional Fashion & Lifestyle and Still-Life Photography and everything related to it, we still wanted to become a little bit more accessible to those, who like our work, and to those, who wanted to own a piece of it - and not necessarily prints and our photo-books, and so we decided to start to design products with our photography on them for all kinds of possible occasions and variety of uses from kitchen products to interior and many else, so stay tuned for our upcoming online shop updates, because we are planning to expand! ..And like we said before, your purchases are helping us to grow - both visually and technically , and we are prone to create more, while knowing that someone is happy and buys our work to really support our photography and our new Lounge & Lifestyle magazine project, therefore we wanted to thank you for that!

High quality and good taste ..and deep understanding of Fashion&Beauty together with 100% dedication to each project / photo / our work are all making a final, visually pleasing result.

In our work we always seek for the best ways and options to get most close to perfection and put our soul into every single shoot, photo and job. We want to create feelings, and our good taste and the ability to maintain top class technical & visual results are the key elements that come in balance with our deep understanding of what looks good as well as current trends, and more so your product or idea itself, which is our starting point on a way to something beautiful and a representation of something possibly new.

"Really great photos, like any great Art out there, are the ones that you want and don't mind to come back to, if you are able to just to look at them again and again." (c) Veronica Lounge

Our goal is not just to try to express ourselves and our vision, but to also inspire and make other people happy, so they feel unique, just like any of us are, and also good about themselves. Our smooth transition to Lifestyle photography sometime ago was a result of our aims to capture the existing moment and emotions at their best and provide our clients with professional storytelling that others will always remember.


Fashion & Lifestyle, Product/Still-Life Photographer

Art Director and Stylist + Make-up Artist*

Magazine Editor & Writer/Journalist*

Photo Retoucher, Model* & Mentor*
Serious Lounge music lover (: