by Veronica Lounge"

1st Limited Edition*

First Edition & Limited to only 150 book copies produced by Veronica Lounge, +each signed & numbered by the Author. It makes a perfect gift to the Photography lovers & photography and/or art collectors.

Signed & numbered by the Author copy

Every book comes with its unique, own number (from 13 to 150) of the whole books Edition, Author's Signature, and may also contain a personalized note, if needed. For adding such a note, please contact us upfront with your wanted text : veronica.lounge@gmail.com, so we make sure to add it upon request.

Size / dimensions

32 pages total in an A5 format (14,9cm x 20,5 cm). Hardcover. Printed on 170gsm gloss paper. Comes in an A5 size book case.

Complementary & unique handmade book case

Each case is produced craft work, handled by hand by professionals in the heart of Saint-Petersburg city - and to not just complement unique book dimensions, but also to support the idea by adding the realistic touch and authentic feel of the product itself. Book case is designed by Veronica +book cases are limited to 150 pieces, just like the book limited edition number is.


42€/book +Shipping of 7€ total. (There is a little discount, if your purchase consists of 2 or more books). See options down below, where you can select quantity. + Note, that we do not accept bulk orders (max. 3 books) due to the book being Limited Edition piece.

Unpublished Photos

The book consists of documentary and street photos never published before, which makes them appear first time in this personal project.

*"STREET PETERSBURG" books by Veronica Lounge could be published after 150 sold book copies of the first edition, within potential next editions of this book, however, any further of these potential next editions won't be sold as signed & numbered copies coming with a complementary Handmade book case. Currently we do not plan to make second edition of this book.

“..I wanted to put the photos into
one project with a theme related
to my Photographic work, yet try something new to me, and Street Photography is what I never tried before. ..Glad I made it happen. ”

— Veronica Lounge on her motivation to start this book

On What's Inside of the book:

Unpublished documentary & street photography inspired by
Veronica Lounge's beautiful home city Saint-Petersburg.

About the Photos

The idea behind this project was to represent own view on the city and
capture unique moments of everyday life of its citizens without staging.

About the Vision

This Limited Edition book, which comes with a complementary handmade book case designed by Veronica Lounge and produced by craft work in the heart of Saint-Petersburg to add even more realistic touch to it as a whole, is her second published photobook and it marks a new milestone in her career in the mid 2017.

About the Book

Veronica Lounge

is a Professional Fashion & Lifestyle and Still-Life Photographer, Stylist, Ad + Editor of Lounge & Lifestyle magazine. Her advertising works were published & selected to/as one of "200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide" 3x times by Lürzer's Archive in 2016/2017, 2014/2015 & 2012/13 and exhibited in Finland, Helsinki and Korea, Seoul, Busan and Daegu in International Advertising Photography Exhibitions. Veronica's works are recognized internationally and won many prestigious Awards.

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This little book is my tribute to
the beautiful city I was born to.
With all my passion and love. ”

— Veronica Lounge (-Author of
"Street Petersburg" Photobook)