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..Who could resist a book of 69 photos by Veronica Lounge! It's clear the photos, although all very professional and beautifully done, are quite personal to Veronica. Leafing through this lovely book really gives you a feel of the warmth and the beauty that shines through everything she produces. Highly recommended!
- Stefano Brunesci - Nudes and Black & White Photographer

Beauty, fashion, warm feeling. Veronica has a distinguishable style and an exceptional skill to capture intriguing images. A great piece to enjoy and get inspired with. - Studio Amanda

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Unique photo collection

..If you know Veronica's work, you are probably familiar with her unique dreamy and feminine style. This book is a perfect match to be placed on your bookshelf and as a gift to your colleagues and/or your loved ones. ..And no matter, whether you are a photography lover or work in photo industry, or just can appreciate beautiful Fashion and Lifestyle imagery - this personal collection contains of professionally made high quality photographs, that you can't see elsewhere. Buy your book copy today!

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Book credits:

  • Photography

    All photos presented in this book are professionally shot and retouched by Veronica Lounge between years 2008 and 2015.

  • Ideas, Styling, MUA

    All the ideas for each photo were created by Veronica Lounge and then styled accordingly. Some photos were shot as Tests and some on an assignments. All Make-up and Styling on this Model (Veronica Lounge) was also done by the Artist herself.


  • LOVE

    Part of the best photos that were created, as Veronica herself describes it, when she was in love. These photos became her most iconic shots. Veronica says that love influenced her and inspired to become better photographer (and better person).

  • Fashion & Beauty

    Since the age of 16 Veronica L. was interested in Fashion and wanted to make a career in this industry. Moreover than that, she wanted to express her unique vision and create beauty.

  • Work & Photography

    With strong passion for work and photography these photos were born and then put into one collection. When something (photography) becomes your life, it's hard to not get inspired by it as a whole and create more beautiful works as a result.

Book information:

  • Book dimensions

    Size: 8x10 (21x26cm), 88 pages on a 70# (105 GSM) paper with Glossy laminate finish Softcover. The book is printed in color.

  • ISBN Number


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Artist's note

"I wanted to make a book - not my portfolio with photos of other people (my main Fashion&Lifestyle work), but something unique and with a more personal touch. Then I came up with this idea to introduce people with my own professionally made self-portraits that I took during past 5+ years. Some were just tests, but some of the photos were published in books and showcased in exhibitions worldwide +won prestigious photo awards throughout my career."

Veronica Lounge, Author of 'V E R O N I C A' book

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